Each year group has a dedicated Pastoral Leader and Assistant Pastoral Leader. Both of these are non-teaching staff so have more time available to them to help support and care for our students. Each year team also has a Progress Leader.  Here is a description of how each member of the year team works.

Pastoral Leaders – These are staff who in effect are ‘Heads of Year’ but are known as Pastoral Leaders. They are not teachers but are staff with experience of dealing with students and their families, particularly around behaviour. They will have the time to work with their year group to uphold the standards we are all work hard to embed in school. They will liaise closely with form tutors, staff and parent/carers to deal with behavioural issues and attitudes to learning.


Assistant Pastoral Leaders – These staff support the Pastoral Leaders in upholding standards in year groups. They are not teachers so also have more time to deal with issues as they arise. Having two non-teachers in these roles is important as it builds capacity within the pastoral system.


Progress Leaders – These are teaching staff who were previously Heads of Year. As Progress Leaders they will have work with students and their families who, for a variety of reasons, are not making the progress or achieving as well as they should. Their focus will be how they and the school can support students who need interventions and additional support in liaison with SEND staff, the Attendance team and other agencies.


The Year Teams for 2023/24






Miss Bate-Argent

Miss Butler

Mrs Gallagher


Mr Prescott

Mrs Cowell

Mr Evans


Mrs Danily

Miss Peers

Mrs Burgess


Mrs Rodgers

Mrs Woodroffe

Mrs Lee


Mrs Canning

Mrs Mather

Miss Dorkin


Each year team is supported by an Assistant Headteacher responsible for Key Stage 3 (Mrs Masher) and Key Stage 4 (Mr McCann) who oversee the academic and pastoral needs of students.

All of these staff will lead their team of form tutors and work closely with parents and carers to make sure an effective support structure is in place for every student.

Year teams support students with transition, careers, options, PHSE and regularly review key areas of learning and provide intervention and support when specific issues or concerns arise. They will also work with pupil groups to organise year group events, charity work, sporting activities and reward assemblies and celebrations.

To contact the any of the Year group teams please find the relevant email address below: 

Year 7 Team intake2023@greatsankey.org 

Year 8 Team intake2022@greatsankey.org

Year 9 Team intake2021@greatsankey.org

Year 10 Team intake2020@greatsankey.org

Year 11 Team intake2019@greatsankey.org